“Nature always puts things in perspective for me. I find that any trouble or worry that I have is significantly minimized when I simply go outside, no matter where I am the world, and just feel how small I am in this great big world. And how small my world is in this vast universe.

it’s hard not to feel small when you look up at the seemingly infinite night sky filled with countless stars, or stand at the edge of the ocean and gaze at the endless horizon, or look down over the majesty and grandeur of an alpine lake in the valley of an even more majestic and immense mountain range.

And yet, God is bigger than ALL of this. Not only is He bigger and greater, He made all of these things for us to enjoy and He is in control of it all. He cares about me and my minuscule problems and if I can only trust Him, He will take control of my life too. He’s got the whole world in His hands, even me, even you.“. -Valerie Monico, SFC Snowshoe

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