Today I got to work from home with our four kids. Please understand me as I say this, work is a very relative term on a day like today. I got a few moments here and there to actually get “something” done. Between jumping on the trampoline, to feeding the girls, to readers no multiple books, to changing diapers to building blocks. It feels nonstop, but it is so rewarding. Our kids becoming my ultimate job for the day. Allowing myself to realize the phone calls and computer work I need to do will still be there tomorrow. So when the boys asked to go for a walk, absolutely. Turning the TVs off for a bit and getting some fresh air. Running hills, climbing in bushes, (peeing in said bushes), posing on rocks. picking flowers, making sure not to step on any cracks. The simple joys and excitement. Instead of allowing the to do list frustrate you, embrace the moment. Find God in the simple moments, in the interruptions. #themtnway

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