I love being on the water by myself. There is something special about those moments, floating along in the silence, just listening, waiting to hear the Voice of God. There have been moments I will never forget, watching the sunset, seeing God in His beauty. There have been moments of straight noise coming from the screaming kids at the beach. There have also been moments of chaos when a freak storm comes up and next thing you know you are soaked to the bone. Laughing, because that is all you can do in the moment.

Despite how much I love being on the water myself, there is beauty in being in the water with someone else. Sharing in those moments. Talking through life. Experiencing God together. Going kayaking was one of my wife and I‘s first dates and something we still cherish. You see the thing about being together is you get to experience the moment together firsthand. It is not a moment I have to come home and try to describe. Because no matter how good of a description I give it still doesn’t compare to the real thing. Like taking a picture. No matter how hood the picture snd filters used, it still can’t capture the moment.

This Saturday is a hike coming up that I can’t go on. You see I am doing a wedding and am going to have to miss out. I know it will be a blast, and I shouldn’t be jealous, but I am. Because no matter how great the description of it, I won’t be there personally. What if that is exactly what is being talked about in Scripture when the author of Hebrews writes “And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another.

‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭10:25‬ ‭NLT‬‬

There is something special about joining together. Sharing moments and memories. Seeing God move in mighty ways. Have you ever been in a service where the Spirit took over and then you try to describe the moment to someone who wasn’t there. It’s just not the same. Words can’t describe it. I know this past year has had it‘s challenges, and we have done what we can with broadcasting online services, but there is something special about the body of believers meeting together. Do not forsake that.

Do I believe there is a time to seek God alone, absolutely. There is also a time to join together. We were designed for relationship. To share with each other what God is doing.

(One of my favorite moments, when the church met at Flood City Cafe)

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