Five stories of being a light on the hill

Film by Taylor Brant

The ski and snowboard industry is one that most people in the developed world think of with great fondness. Thoughts of skiing conjure up images of blue skies, mountains glistening under newly-fallen white snow and maybe a restful session in a hot-tub with some smiley friends. Many have the opportunity to visit a ski resort over a family holiday or a long weekend for recreation and relaxation, and so this mountain paradise naturally feels like a perfect spot for a chance to kick back in nature and even spend some time with God.

The reality of the ski and snowboard industry is one of darkness; socially, emotionally, spiritually, even economically for many who live there. The seasonal, party-hard, live-for-the-moment nature of the industry leads to suicide and depression in mountain towns that is much higher than average. The culture celebrates substance abuse that often leads to brokenness in many of these, some of the most transient communities in the world. The polish of the industry quickly wears off under closer scrutiny.

However, in recent years, a swell of new life, a new hope, a light in the darkness has come to some of these communities by way of people who love and serve Jesus in their own unique contexts. These five stories are personal stories of light in darkness. This is SFC's "Go Tell It On The Mountain: five stories of light on the hill".

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