“Breath of fresh air.”

So these last 2 months of our lives have been crazy. Between having Covid and forced to quarantine, to Eli’s school being shut for a period, to the twins being born, there has been a lot of time spent at home in the house. It has truly been a blessing drawing closer to family and each other. I wouldn’t trade one day at all. It has forced us to do a bunch of soul searching, and created many memorable moments as well as some off the wall comments by Eli and Silas. To go from full time in ministry, serving and being around people to totally separated, talk about a change.

The truth is though, it has also formed a sense of being stir-crazy. Trying to explain to a 3 and 5 year old why school is closed or they can’t see their friends. The noise level in the house exploding, and the kids shows that aren’t quite the same as when we grew up. It’s been nuts, and it’s become a routine. Yet, God is teaching us something valuable! Making the most of getting outside. Even just for 10 minutes. That breath of fresh air to let the kids run. It does something for your soul.

What if our faith life has become the same, a routine. What if God is trying to teach us something simple yet profound here. To step outside the routine, to turn off the tv and get away. To embrace the silence, hearing God’s voice speaking in a fresh way.

Today, maybe God has you in a season preparing you. Instead of being frustrated by the circumstances we are all in, take a moment to seek Him. Get outdoors, breathe in the fresh air.

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