by Alie Heenan, SFC Colorado

and just like that, the season’s over.

a few of us in CO like to joke “there are worse places God could’ve called us” and most of the time I whole-heartedly agree. yesterday morning, however, someone told me it was supposed to snow 7-14 inches that afternoon. I looked at him with disgust and quite literally an eye roll.

“are you serious?”

copper mountain closed on sunday, so the snow feels a bit pointless and cumbersome. maybe in a few years I'll feel differently, but this in-between season of its-still-snowing-but-we-can’t-play-anymore is super weird. after pouting for a while, i moved on with my day.

later in the afternoon, i was coming out of the grocery store and saw the bright sun shining over snow-topped pine trees across lake dillon. it was seriously GORGEOUS. i immediately felt bad, almost guilty, for griping about it earlier.

it gave me a glimpse of God’s character. sometimes when i’m upset with God I gripe and complain and think all the “it’s just not fair” thoughts, and I allllmost let my heart get bitter, then he shines his beautiful, breathtaking kindness through it. and BOOM i’m humbled. it’s not a slap on the wrist that makes me realize the error in my attitude. it’s his beauty and kindness interrupting it. his kindness leads us to repentance.


now, i don’t know if that makes any sense at all or if sounds like i’m just waxing spiritual...but either way. God is really a lot kinder than I give him credit for, and I really am grateful for the beauty in this season.

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