“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.“

Anyone else feeling totally overwhelmed. Sports schedules, to-do lists, work schedules, or in our case, diapers to be changed and babies to be fed. It seems never ending. I set my alarm to get up to pray. Never fails, the earlier I get up, the earlier the boys are up. I find myself frustrated, “God I crave time with you, but when.“

So last weekend we did a camping trip. In my mind there was so many other things that could have been done. Tasks. Busyness. I almost justified in my mind staying home. Yet being at camp was exactly what Lindsey and I needed. Away. Even if it was just 20 minutes to the camp that was enough to refocus our minds, to forget schedule for a moment and rest in God’s creation. The moment of most peace was Sunday afternoon taking the kayaks out. Just sitting on the water, amongst the scenery, and embracing time with Jesus.

Could we have been doing other things, sure. This moment was a reality check for me though of what is truly important. Taking time away to draw near to God. The tasks will still be there tomorrow.

How about for you? Will you take a moment away? To draw near. Or are you telling him, “God, you don’t understand the demands of my life right now. I’m overwhelmed!” And he is trying to say to you, “exactly why you need a moment with me.”

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