Being at camp always held a special spot in my life. I remember growing up there, literally spending our entire summers at Cowan’s Gap. That was our family vacation! My dad would take us over there, stay on the weekend, and then come home Sunday night for work. From Memorial Day to Labor Day we lived in out trailer. Exploring the woods, playing in the creek, swimming in the lake, swinging on the hammock, that was just what we knew. Disconnected from the outside world, life was so simple. Man do I miss those days. Conversations around the campfire at night about faith, family, sports, girls, and life. I always love sitting and thinking about what the conversations must have been like at night with Jesus and the disciples. The moments where He wasn’t always teaching, but just living. The honest conversations when His disciples would just “talk“ with Him. When the spotlight wasn’t on and they were just disconnected. I would love to be part of those conversations. Ever think about that?

This past weekend we got to experience it with our own kids, muddy clothes, puddles, sandboxes, monkeybars that turned into “helicopters,” cooking over the fire. Simple joys! And as Lindsey and I brought the girls home, leaving the boys there, she exclaimed how awesome it was to see the boys soaked to the bone and loving every moment.

Maybe it’s time for you to unplug, disconnect, and forget about life for a bit. Create a tradition.

As for us off to camp again this morning with the boys!

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